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  • Hello Fairwood Families

    We are excited to welcome our students in-person beginning next week! We are all a bit anxious as we start this year with all that has happened over the past 18 months and ongoing. We are here together to support each other and stay connected. We have a lot of information for you, so please read. 

    Thursday August 26th, full time in-person school begins for our 1st-6th grade students.
    Tuesday August 31st, Kindergarten students begin.
    Tuesday September 7th, Preschool begins.

    School Day for K-6

    • 8:25 Breakfast
    • 8:40 First bell
    • 8:45 Tardy Bell
    • 3:25 Dismissal
    • 1:25 Wednesday weekly early release dismissal

    Full daily schedules for each class/grade level with lunch times, recess, etc., will be sent in a separate communication.

    Preschool families will receive their AM/PM schedule from their teacher soon.

    Teacher Assignments

    • Tuesday August 24th at 2:00 pm class assignments will be posted here at school and online in Skyward Family Access. Please remember that class sizes can fluctuate quite a bit in the first couple of weeks of school. Class assignments will be adjusted in September if we are required to balance class size. Our staff puts considerable thought and effort into crafting class assignments. Please do not request a class change unless there is an overriding reason to do so. See our office for the class change request form if you believe a class change is absolutely necessary for your child to be successful.

    Meet ‘n Greet

    • Tuesday August 24th we will have an opportunity for students and families to come on campus, meet the teacher, drop-off their school supplies, and receive a treat from our fabulous PTSA on your way out.
    • Please attend during the time frames below and limit time on campus to help us to mitigate COVID-19. Please also wear masks and maintain 6ft distancing during this visit.
    • You can tour the exterior of the campus, but playgrounds and the interior will be closed to visitors. Students will tour the entire campus with their class the first day of school.
      • 2:00-2:30 Kindergarten, 5th, 6th grades
      • 2:30-3:00 1st, 3rd grades
      • 3:00-3:30 2nd, 4th grades

    Visitors/Volunteers/Walking students to class

    • We are a family school, and we want our families involved as much as possible. At the same time, your children’s safety is our number one priority, so we have procedures in place to support security and to mitigate COVID-19.
    • Sign-in is required to enter our campus whenever students are present on campus, from 8:25- 3:25. If you want to walk your student to class in the morning door, you are required to sign-in at the front prior to doing so. In the first few days of school, we will have staff on hand outside to sign you in and provide you with a visitor’s pass. Anyone without a visitor’s pass will be asked to go to the front entrance to sign-in. After the first few days of school, you will need to go into the front office to sign-in as a visitor.
    • Volunteers complete the VIPS application online and need to be cleared prior to volunteering within the school. We will be able to have some volunteers in the building but will limit the amount of people within the classroom spaces to ensure that we have 6ft distancing between adults and students. Masks are always required within the school building. Teachers will reach out to families about opportunities to volunteer.


    • If driving, drop-off and pick-up is in our south “kiss ‘n drop” loop parking lot only. Pull fully up to the white curb to drop-off safely. Staff will be on hand to receive students and to assist with dismissal. Follow the grade level sign directions to pull up to the line for pick-up. Turn RIGHT only out of our parking lots during arrival/dismissal times.
    • Bus/Daycare drop-off/pick-up and visitor parking only is in the front upper lot.
    • Preschool/special education/handicapped parking only in the lower north lot.
    • We encourage you to release your student(s) to our staff to assist with arrival. If you feel you need to walk your child to class, be sure to sign-in as a visitor (as above). We will have several staff on hand the first weeks of school to support students in getting to their classroom. If your child is having any difficulties with separation, please let us know and we can help with that.

    COVID-19 Mitigation

    • The safety of our students is our top priority. We will continue to have procedures in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Please see the district website Return Safely webpage for additional information.
    • Masks are required for all students, staff, visitors/volunteers when in the building. Masks will be provided for students who do not have a mask or need a replacement during the day.
    • Classrooms are set up to provide for 3ft between students at their desks/workspaces. Some rooms have more students, so there will be limited room for additional people to be in the room and they may not be able to have visitors/volunteers within the room.
    • Ventilation is at max fresh air, and we have high filtration. Please be sure your children dress for the weather as though they are outside since fresh air is maximized at this time.
    • Students will attend PE, music, and library in those spaces. Students will be spread out into their own spaces that provide for 3ft distancing. Masks will continue to be worn in these spaces.
    • Recess will be outside, and students are encouraged, but not required, to wear masks outside.
    • Breakfast/Lunch will be in our new large, well ventilated, multi-purpose room and with some tables also spread into the gym to provide more distancing. We will have 4 lunch times to spread out students. Students will be seated at assigned seats 4-5 to a table to provide distance and ability to contact trace if needed (our tables usually hold 10-14 students). Meals are free this year, but please still complete the application for meal benefits if you think you might qualify. Visit our Free & Reduced Priced Meals page for more information.
    • Hand washing will be frequent in the classrooms, and we have hand sanitizer in the classrooms and stations set up around the building. Students will sanitize in/out of all rooms.
    • Daily health check forms are not required this year, but please check your child every morning and keep them home if they are ill. Classroom teachers and staff will monitor students as usual for any signs of illness, and we will continue to have a COVID isolation room set up to support students with COVID-like symptoms. We have a nurse on-site 2-3 days a week and a health technician daily. If your child is ill, we will contact you and discuss next steps. Our nurse and the district health coordinator will be in close communication about any changes in procedures and ensure that we are following the department of health guidelines.

    Remote learning/online only options

    • If you are looking for an online option for your KSD student in the 2021-22 school year, OSPI approves and monitors programs that offer students regular ongoing online learning. These programs may not be entirely online, and students may be expected to participate in non-online courses. The online courses may also have other requirements including in-person or site-based elements. Please visit the OSPI website for more information. These online programs are free of charge to families as they are paid through state apportionment. If accepted into an approved online program, you will need to complete a Choice Transfer request to be released from the Kent School District.

    Home-based Instruction in KSD

    • Home-based instruction is also an option in KSD. If you intend to provide your child or children home-based instruction in lieu of attendance or enrollment in a public school, an approved private school, or an extension program of an approved private school, you must file an annual declaration of intent. Learn more about KSD Home-based instruction options.

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Last Modified on August 24, 2021