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  • We Believe Kindness is Free!

    The first quarter has raced by and our students have settled into the routines of the school year.

    By now, building and classroom procedures are well-ingrained, and students are deep into the literacy, math, science, and social studies content they will learn this year. It is also a time of year where we have to pay close attention to maintaining strong habits at school and at home.

    A Big Shout Out Goes to our PTA

    Covington Elementary PTA co-chairs We are very fortunate to have an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which allows us to meet the many needs of our students. Thank you to our co-chairs Stacy Miller and Sydney Stuth, for all their hard work and innovation! The Book Fair raised a record amount of $10,000, which will directly benefit classrooms and the library. This is the highest total profit ever!

    Students Giving to Other Students

    During the Book Fair, students generously donated $365 to purchase books for Covington Students. As a result, each classroom will receive 4-5 donated books. Teachers will distribute the books to students who weren’t able to purchase items from the Book Fair! 

    Kind Kids Club

    Covington Kind Kids Club members

    At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, Covington Elementary students Chloe Heck and Kimberly Peredo Arriola approached School Counselor Alice Carrillo with the idea to start a Kind Kids Club.

    Students wanted to spread kindness throughout the school, and they created the following:

    • A friendship bench: If a student needs a friend to play with, they can sit on the bench and a member of the Kind Kids Club will invite them to play
    • Kind notes: Students encourage or thank others through kind notes.
    • Weekly kindness challenges: Kind Kids Club members will challenge the school to spread kindness through weekly challenges.
    • Kindness Week: Kind Kids Club will invite the whole school to perform random acts of kindness in February. 

    Beginning this year, the girls and their friends gave classroom presentations inviting students to join the Kind Kids Club. The club has grown to 58 members already.

    At Covington Elementary, students believe kindness is free and we sprinkle that stuff everywhere!


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Last Modified on October 31, 2019