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  • Supporting Students & Refreshing Our Campus

    Parents often ask how they can help support their child at home. The best way is for you and your child to read together for thirty minutes every day. Reading increases vocabulary, cognition, attention span, imagination and so much more. Pick a book you will both enjoy, take turns, ask questions and have fun. If thirty minutes is too long, break it up into two, fifteen-minute sessions or even three, ten minutes sessions throughout the evening.

    If you are looking for more support, your child can always log into their i-Ready account to practice math and reading skills at home. These lessons are tailored to your child’s specific learning needs. Please do not help them with these lessons. The program is designed to re-teach concepts that they do not master. Helping the student to “pass” a lesson, can result in your child moving too quickly without gaining foundational skills.

    Multipurpose Room Under Construction

    There has been a lot going on at Pine Tree. Thanks to the voters who approved the Kent School District bond in 2016, our multipurpose room is currently under construction and scheduled to open next school year. The ground has been cleared, gravel has been laid and our sewage lines have been connected. It might not look like much, but we are pushing forward.

    Improving Student Safety

    We had a new fence installed on our primary playground in October. This is something that we have wanted and needed for quite some time. It is great to see it up and functioning to help keep all our students safe!

    New Pride Mural Coming Soon

    In November, we will be starting a very special project for the entire school. Local artist, Toma Villa, will be creating a Pine Tree Pride Mural in our gymnasium with the help of our students. The word pride will be written in all the 40 plus languages that are spoken here at Pine Tree.

    Check out one of Toma’s YouTube videos to see him and his process in action.

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