Principal Orrock

  • It’s Reading Time!

    Whether it is raining, cloudy, or even snowing, an at-home reading routine is the best way to improve student learning, reading fluency, and create a love of reading.

    If you speak more than one language, encourage students to read books in all their languages because literacy in one language supports literacy in other languages.

    Navigators make their way through different genres and whole book series. Reading will take you on an amazing journey that will last your whole life.


    As partners in your child’s education, we know you also strive for excellence. This winter, we continue our commitment to maintaining the best practices and traditions of Emerald Park while we modernize our instruction and the tools we use.

    In this way, we can maximize the amazing talents of our staff in service of our students. We are celebrating our students’ growth, acknowledging strengths and planning to meet needs in preparation for conferences and the second semester. This includes implementing a new K-5 math curriculum and learning more about classroom interventions.

    This season we are striving for excellence celebrating classes and students who attend school daily, arrive on time and stay for the full day’s learning opportunities with our On-Time Challenge and the Rise and Shine Club.

    We are also celebrating the positive traits of citizenship with a week to focus on a positive attitude, perseverance, being helpful, and showing leadership.

    You can model your leadership and the Navigator way by registering to vote online or picking up a voter registration form in our school office.


    We continue to grow our skill sets to address the diverse needs of our Navigators. Teachers are learning about the best ways to teach English Language Learners and students who need more than the core instruction. We are also refining our schedules so students in Integrated Programs have seamless services both in and outside of class.

    We continue our daily talking circles, expanding restorative practices regarding our discipline options, and increasing our understanding of how to respond to students in emotional crisis – all in service to inclusion and equity because that’s the Navigator Way.

    It is also equitable for all schools to be structurally safe and have needed resources. If approved by voters on February 11, the Replacement Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy will help pay for daily operations supporting clean, healthy, and well-maintained schools and classrooms. It provides professional development for teachers, paraeducators, educational support staff, and even principals.


    We believe in community. What a special community we have with an active Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), impactful WATCH D.O.G.S. program, many kinds of volunteers and multiple family engagement events.

    I urge you to get involved, whether it is making donations to food drives, attending events like our upcoming multicultural night, volunteering or taking on a leadership role in the PTSA. We want to hear your voice and learn from you because that is the Navigator Way.

    Many people in the Emerald Park and Kent community are connected to the schools as employees. The Replacement Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy on the February 11 ballot helps fund essential staff such as classroom teachers, nurses, counselors, social workers, and bus drivers not fully funded by the state.

    Another way that you can support your student is by remembering to vote in the February 11 special election. Thank you for being an active part of our community and being part of this learning journey.

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Last Modified on January 27, 2020