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  • Great Community Partnerships

    Having strong community partnerships makes a huge difference in schools. We are so fortunate to have great community partnerships with the Crestwood Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and local organizations like Real Kids and Covington Community Church. All three have made a big impact recently.

    • The Crestwood PTA raised funds for the climbing rock wall recently installed in December 2019.
    • Real Kids/Real Church is supporting afterschool tutoring for students with volunteer help.
    • Our recent gingerbread house making activity was sponsored by Covington Community Church.

    We appreciate all the positive impact these things have on our school and families!

    Screen Time & Study Habits

    Knowing that culture is filled with media and technology, it is important to consider how this impacts students’ academic growth. The American Pediatrics Association (APA) has published recommendations on how to help direct and limit students’ media and technology usage in order to support their intellectual and developmental growth.

    I encourage all families to explore their recommendations in order to make sure your student has sufficient structured time to focus on learning and academics at home and to support your student’s overall development.

    Communicating with Teachers

    Touching base with your student’s teacher on a regular basis is important to stay aware of their progress. In addition to communicating at conferences, I encourage families to regularly reach out through email or a phone call to ask your student’s teacher questions about their learning.

    Helpful questions to ask include:

    1. What standards and content are my student learning right now?
    2. How are they performing in those standards/content day to day?
    3. What skills do they need to practice in order to make strong academic gains?
    4. Wat reading and study habits would be helpful to reinforce at home?

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