Remote Learning Morning Meetings

  • Fulfilling the Need for Connection

    The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Reopening Committee emphasized the need to provide students with an avenue to connect with their teachers, peers, and school community. In an effort to fulfill the need for connection, schools will be implementing morning meetings for the first four weeks of the 2020-2021 school year during remote Learning.

    The morning meeting will include:

    • Check-ins to see how students are doing
    • Opportunities to build community with their peers
    • Social emotional learning messages and themes (some lessons will be geared toward managing big emotions, such as stress, loneliness, or boredom)
    • A brief weekly screener to assess social emotional wellness

    Weekly Screening

    Once a week, the morning meeting screening may include the following types of questions. At any time, a student or parent can opt-out of the screening.

    • How are you feeling?
    • Are there topics you would like to talk to an adult about? (Topics such as sadness, anxiety, stress, friendship issues, family supports)
    • One question related to getting to know the students (Ex. Something that helps me learn is…)
    • Is there anything else you would like your teacher to know?
Last Modified on August 28, 2020