• Mill Creek Athletics

    In middle school there are four sport seasons. Some sports teams are "cut teams" which means there are only a limited number of players kept. Others accept all that are eligible.  
    In order to be eligible in a sport student athletes must have completed athletic paperwork, physical, and parents permission to participate.  Student athletes are also required to purchase an ASB card and pay the sports participation fee. Athletes are required to attend practices and must have a ride home after practices and contests, which take place after school during the school week.
    As a member of a Mill Creek sports team, every student athlete must maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0, and be passing all six (6) classes with no grades of F.  There are periodic grade checks throughout the sports season.  Athletes are expected to maintain excellent school behavior.   Athletes are also expected to participate in the school pep assemblies and all fundraisers. 
    Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4      
    Boys' Basketball
    Girls' Basketball

    Co-Ed Track
    Boys' Soccer

    Girls's Soccer


    An Important Announcement Regarding our Middle School Seasonal Sports Schedules

    The Kent School District is addressing necessary scheduling challenges for the upcoming middle school sports seasons.  Like other school districts in the region, we are experiencing a shortage of bus drivers which impacts our ability to hold both practices and contests with the same schedule we have used in the past. So that we can make the best use of the resources available, keep students in class as long as possible, take advantage of our new district schedule, and continue our full standard of sports offerings, the following scheduling adjustments are necessary:

    • Season 4 begins on Monday, April 16th and must now include Girls and Boys Soccer along with Track & Field.  The Girls Soccer matches will be played on Mondays and Thursdays starting Thursday, May 3 while the Boys Soccer matches will play on Tuesdays and Fridays starting Friday, May 4th.  Soccer matches will be doubleheaders with the varsity starting at 3:45 and the 7th grade match to follow.  Track & Field meets will be scheduled weekly on Thursdays after school.
    • Season 4 student-athletes will not practice or compete on Early Release Wednesdays and will be released at 1:10 to go home. 

    We recognize that these necessary adjustments will impact many participants in our system and appreciate the flexibility of our student-athletes, families, coaches, support staff, and communities as we work to maintain robust athletic programs in our schools.