Cedar Heights School Supply List

  • 2022-2023 Supply List for All Grades

    Individual teachers may request additional items specific to their class once school begins. There may also be a fee associated with some elective classes in order to purchase supplies needed for class-specific projects.

    General Supplies

    • Backpack
    • 3 inch - three-ring binder with 6 subject dividers for binder with at least 6 sections, one for each subject
    • Notebook paper, at least 100 sheets
    • Black or blue ink pens
    • #2 graphite pencils
    • Pencil pouch that can be kept in your binder
    • Colored pencils 12 count
    • Highlighters (3 different colors)

    Math Supplies

    • Spiral notebook
    • Scientific Calculator (optional-to be used in Science also)
    • DRY ERASE markers (optional)

    Physical Education (PE) Supplies

    • PE shirt (provided)
    • Navy blue or black fingertip length shorts
    • A sturdy pair of lace-up tennis shoes

    Language Arts Supplies

    • Composition notebook (not spiral bound)
    • Ear buds or headphones (inexpensive)

    Science Supplies

    • Calculator (optional-to be used in Math also)
    • Touch screen stylus (optional)
Last Modified on July 20, 2022