• Our School

    The Vision, Mission, and Educational Environment are designed to serve as the foundation for the educational program we wish to develop at Sawyer Woods Elementary.
    The Vision is an attempt to "paint a picture" in words, sights, and sounds of what we would ideally like our school to become. It is not a description of "what is," rather it is a description of where we believe our Mission and belief statements will lead us as we implement the ideas we describe.
    The Mission explains the purpose for our venture. It describes the reasons behind our existence as an organization and what we hope to accomplish.
    The Core Beliefs section shares the ideas we hold dear about what is needed for our school to meet our mission.
    The Principles of Learning section describes our assumptions about learning and what is needed to promote a high level of learning within our school.
    Together, we hope these ideas will help us set a true course as we grow in our ability to educate children to live and work in a democracy
    Each year we will implement a series of specific actions based upon this core document. These strategies and actions should be in line with and supportive of our Mission and its associated section. Our Mission then will help guide our choices as we build our "ideal" school - a learning community.