Graduation Ceremony Information

  • Senior Graduation Walk for the Class of 2020 on July 10

    Seniors who have met or are close to meeting all graduation requirements are invited to participate in a Senior Graduation Walk at Kentlake High School on July 10, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Graduation Walk honors our seniors and provides them an opportunity to walk across the stage with four family members watching, receive their diploma cover and wear their cap and gown. This walk will be captured and inserted into the virtual graduation ceremony.

    There is a lot of information contained below so that graduation goes smoothly. Please make sure that you take a moment to read through our graduation plan!

    Preparing for Graduation

    In preparation for graduation, we are asking that families sign up for a timeslot so that we can try to meet specific needs.

    When you get to the page, you will need to click on July 10 and the time that you would like to walk across the stage. You will need your student's log-in and password in order to sign up for a time. If your student has forgotten this information, you may call (253) 373-7030 and our Customer Support Center can assist.

    Cap Decoration

    Our student leaders have asked for permission to decorate caps for the ceremony. For the 2020 graduates only, students will be allowed to decorate their caps for their walk-through ceremony.

    The following decorations would be appropriate:

    • Decorations of cultural or personal significance.
    • Thank a parent, grandparent, teacher, or friend.
    • Symbols of future plans including college, career or military service.
    • Graduation year.

    The following is not allowed:

    • Obscene, profane, vulgar or lewd words or symbols.
    • Advertisements.
    • Abbreviations, words, slogans, patches or pictures that refer to drugs, alcohol, weapons, other controlled substances, gang affiliation, violence or sexual in nature.

    You may decorate the flat top of the cap without anything hanging off or attached to the side areas of the cap. Please do not use 3-D decorations, blinking lights or decorations that will make noise so that we do not disrupt videoing process.


    To ensure social distancing while honoring our seniors, our families will comply with the following procedures:

    1. Students and their families will arrive in a single vehicle at the time designated. The graduate's name will be clearly posted in the passenger side window. Families will follow the map emailed to families.
    2. At the entrance, students will receive a name card. They will write their name phonetically on the card.
    3. Families will drive to a designated area where there will be a stage and a family viewing area.
    4. Families will remain in the vehicle until told to exit.
    5. When directed, students will proceed to the stage where they will have their name read aloud and they will walk across the stage to receive their diploma. A professional photographer will be present to take photos for a Virtual Graduation Memento.
    6. Families may exit their vehicle to view their student walking across the stage, and they must remain in the area designated for this purpose. Families are not to leave this area.
    7. Students and families will then re-enter the vehicle and proceed off campus using the designated route.
    8. Students will also receive a Commencement Program to remember this important milestone as they exit the campus.

    Families and students are encouraged to decorate their vehicles. If a family does not have access to a vehicle, we will make arrangements to support the student’s participation in this important event. Please contact Principal Maurer at if you need assistance.


    1. You will enter campus from the Junior Lot which is the last left turn off of Falcon Way. Stop at the check-in table where your graduate will receive a name card. They will write their name phonetically for the name readers.
    2. You will proceed to the next station where we will have last minute support for cap and gown issues!
    3. You will proceed down our “Virtual Memory Lane”. Take the time to stop and take in some of our senior slide shows and pictures while waiting for your turn to walk across the stage.
    4. Our staff will then direct you to a stage. Students will exit the vehicle when instructed by staff and stand on socially distanced tape marks on the sidewalk. Families will remain in the vehicles until they are directed to disembark to the parent viewing area. Once your graduate walks across the stage, families and graduates will get in their car and proceed off campus.
    5. As you exit, we will have Commencement Programs available!

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