Student Transfer Request Process

  • 2023-2024 School Year Transfer Window is now closed.

    Employee Student Transfer Requests

    Available for students who: 

    • has at least one parent who works for Kent School District, 
    • lives in or out of the KSD boundaries, and 
    • is requesting a school within the parents' 2023-2024 strand. 

    Please have the KSD employee contact or their office manager for an application. 

    Childcare Waivers 

    Available for 2023-2024 School Year and 2024-2025 School Year 

    Available year round for students who: 

    • are enrolling in grades K-5,
    • attends a childcare not within the boundaries of their home address the majority of the week for before and/or after school care, and
    • the parent/guardian(s) are employed or attend school which necessitates the need for childcare outside of the student’s boundary school service area. 

    Please contact the school in the boundaries of the Childcare Provider to complete a Childcare Waiver and enrollment instructions. 

    Additional Information 

    Mid-Year Moves  

    • If you have moved into a different boundary and want to attend your new school, please contact the school directly for enrollment information.  
    • If have moved into a different boundary and would like to apply to stay at your current school, please complete the Change of Address Process

    Transportation Not Provided for Transfer Students  

    Transportation is not available for students approved for transfer to a non-boundary school. Transportation will be the responsibility of the family.  

    Transfers Not Approved for Athletic Reasons  

    Transfer requests will not be approved for athletic or co-curricular activity reasons. As per WIAA regulations, students transferring from one high school to another high school within the Kent School District, without a corresponding change in home residence with natural parents or legal guardians, will be deemed ineligible for a one-year period at the varsity level of sports.  

    Kindergarten Students Must Register at Boundary School First  

    Kindergarten students must register at their boundary school prior to requesting a transfer.  

    Non-Residents Must Complete Form from Boundary District  

    All non-resident transfers must obtain a Choice Transfer/Release of Attendance from their boundary school district. 

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Last Modified on August 20, 2023