• Our School

    East Hill Elementary is located in the Kent School District, roughly 25 miles southeast of Seattle, WA. The building is located inside city limits on the east hill of Kent. The structure began as four classrooms in 1953, and it has grown to five separate buildings consisting of more than 20 classrooms and other support areas. Extensive remodeling of the facility, completed in 1989, brought us to our present size. The addition of our P.E.R.C. building in 2010 added a lunchroom and conference room to our campus, as well as joining together three of our other buildings to give us a beautiful new space for learning and for hosting events for our East Hill Community.

    The East Hill staff and students are proudly known as Blazers, "ones who shine brightly". In 2004, we chose Bees as our mascot. Now we are known as Blazer Bees. Many student awards are given at our school. We give an award for goal setting and accomplishment, improved effort, and meeting the high expectations of a Blazer Bee. Golden Bee Awards are given daily to recognized student's accomplishments and efforts. Award assemblies are held to promote achievement and recognize improved effort.

    We use multiple instructional strategies and materials to provide the best possible education for our students. The diverse population at East Hill provides numerous opportunities for students as well as staff to celebrate differences, work cooperatively and collaboratively, and appreciate our unique perspectives. Programs currently include: computer classes, music, physical education, band, and orchestra, in addition to our academic subjects. Students may also receive additional help through the Special Education program which includes speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. English Language Learner program and Math Learning Assistance Program. We are especially excited to share a love of art with our students with our volunteer Art Docent Project. Students learn about, and then do art in the style of many famous artist throughout the year.

    We at East Hill Elementary realize a close cooperation between the home, community, and school environments is essential to provide the best possible education for our students. We strive to encourage and solicit the involvement of all of our community members. East Hill has many opportunities for adults to interact with students, assist with programs, and/or share their expertise. Our reading and language programs use adults as conversationalists, readers, listeners and editors. Small groups are used in math for skill building and reinforcement. Science, social studies, and health programs often use volunteers as teacher assistants or visiting experts sharing their special interests and talents. We learn from our community, and we utilize our strengths to foster a trusting and accepting environment of different viewpoints, thereby providing the kinds of personal experiences by which our students learn tolerance and understanding. We invite all interested parties to volunteer, and we challenge each adult in our community to find an hour a month to become a volunteer with us.

    Our staff is truly dedicated to the profession of teaching the whole child, and all of us are proud to work at East Hill Elementary.