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    Our School

    Our Mission

    Daniel Elementary is an inclusive learning community dedicated to preparing all of our members for students' success.

    Our Vision

    Student Centered ~ Staff Strong ~ Family Engaged 

    Daniel Explorers are:

    Stellar Learners 

    Student Rights and Responsibilities

    The Daniel Elementary staff recognizes the importance of rights and responsibilities. They help us provide a safe, nurturing, and productive learning environment for all our students. We strongly recommend that parents/guardians assist in helping their student understand the following statements:
    • I have the right to learn and the responsibility to be prepared, ready to learn.
    • I have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and the responsibility to show the same to others.
    • I have the right to a safe and clean environment and the responsibility to maintain that environment.
    • I have the right to hear and be heard and the responsibility to listen and wait my turn to speak.
    • I have the right to use learning materials and equipment and the responsibility to respect property and share resources.