• Focus Groups

    Educators all across America are implementing some form of intervention to ensure that ALL students get the specific instruction that they need to be successful. At Park Orchard, our response has been to start with “Focus Groups” for reading. Students continue to get their regular classroom reading that covers the essential skills for their grade. In addition, through the Focus Group, they get another 30 minutes intended to be more specific to their success as a reader.
    The Focus Groups are small groups of students reading at the same level.
    • Tier 1: Students on grade-level or above are currently receiving a focus on comprehension in order to enhance their reading ability.
    • Tier 2: Students reading at the basic level are receiving specific instruction based on their needs, including comprehension, to bring them to grade-level.
    • Tier 3: Students reading below grade-level are receiving more intense and specific instruction to address missing skills and strategies they need to become successful readers.
    How can parents help?
    • The best thing you can do is have as many books as possible at your child’s JUST RIGHT level: Books that they have a lot of success with. Sharing books through the public library and with friends is a good start.
    • Encourage your child to reread favorite books, sometimes aloud. This is especially useful if they can read to a younger sibling!
    • Make it a social occasion by talking with them about their books!
    • Choose a book that is too difficult for your child, but that they love, and read it aloud to them. Even older kids will enjoy the time that they spend with you laughing and talking about a good book.