Advanced Placement (AP) Overview

  • College-Level Courses Taught at Kentwood

    Advanced Placement (AP) classes are college-level courses taught at Kentwood that prepare students to take the Advanced Placement Exam to earn college credit.

    Advanced Placement Exams

    Students will earn college credit for AP classes based on the scale score earned on the AP exam. AP exams are graded on a five-point scale with five being the highest score and one being the lowest.

    Colleges will review scores and determine credit, but most will accept a score of three or higher on each exam.

    Sign Up & Cost

    Students must sign up and pay for each AP exam they wish to take. Each exam costs $94.00

    • 2018-2019: Students will sign up for AP Exams in March 2019. Payments can be submitted to the Kentwood cashier in person or online.
    • 2019-2020: Students will have to sign up and pay for their AP exams at the beginning of the school year.

    Claim College Credit

    Students must submit an official AP Score Report to the college to be audited for credits. Students can order these reports through their College Board account.

    Advanced Placement Classes at Kentwood


    • AP Art History (grades 10-12)
    • AP Art Studio (grades 10-12)


    • AP English Language & Composition (grade 11)
    • AP English Literature (grade 12)

    History/Social Studies

    • AP World History (grade 9)
    • AP Human Geography (grade 10)
    • AP U.S. History (grade 11)
    • AP Psychology (grades 11-12)
    • AP Government & Politics (grade 12)


    • AP Statistics
    • AP Calculus AB (must pass Pre-Calculus)
    • AP Calculus BC (must pass AP Calculus AB)

    Occupational Education

    • AP Computer Science (grades 10-12)


    • AP Chemistry (grades 10-12)
    • AP Physics (grades 11-12)
    • AP Biology (grade 12)

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