• Virtues

    Each person carries out his or her responsibilities carefully and with integrity, never claiming credit for someone else's work and being willing to acknowledge wrongdoing. Students and staff share their ideas openly, in a climate of trust.
    Each person responds sensitively to the ideas and needs of others without dismissing or degrading them. Differences among people are celebrated, and all members of the community are able to accept both praise and criticism from others.
    Each person has a sense of duty to fulfill willingly the tasks he or she has accepted. All work is conscientiously performed. Members of the community agree that they must be held accountable for their behavior.
    Each person is considerate and caring. There is recognition that everyone, from time to time, feels hurt, confused, or sad. Instead of ignoring such conditions, people reach out to one another.
    Each person agrees to live within limits, not only the ones mutually agreed upon but, above all, those established personally. Self-discipline is exercised in relationships with others, especially in the way people speak to one another.
    Each person is diligent, with the inner strength and determination to pursue well-defined goals. It does matter that a task is completed once begun, and everyone acknowledges that to persevere not only teaches discipline, but brings rewards as well.
    Each person discovers that one of life's greatest satisfactions comes from kindness to others. Members of the community look for opportunities to contribute positively to others, without expectation of reward.
    Environmental Stewardship
    Each person has an awareness and responsibility to care for the environment. Members of the community seek opportunities to teach others and work together in this effort.