New Student Enrollment Process

  • Enroll Online to Attend iGrad

    We are accepting enrollment through an online process while Kent School District (KSD), Green River College (GRC), and Renton Technical College (RTC) offices are closed.

    If you are returning to iGrad, please complete the returning student enrollment process.

    Step 1: Determine Eligibility

    View iGrad's eligibility requirements to see if the student is eligible before beginning the rest of the enrollment process.

    Step 2: Watch the iGrad Information Session Video

    Watch the iGrad Information Session video to learn more about our programs and join us for a live virtual Q&A event if you still have questions.

    Step 3: Complete the Information Session Card Electronically

    Complete the iGrad Information Session Card. You will be asked to enter the confirmation code provided in the iGrad Information Session video.

    Step 4: Complete & Return Enrollment Packet Electronically         

    Download the 2021-2022 Kent School District New Student Enrollment Packet Grades 1-12 (PDF).

    Please email completed forms to after you have completed the fillable enrollment packet electronically. 

    1. Click the blue underlined text to open the enrollment packet in Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have it already, download Adobe Acrobat for free online.
    2. Fill in the enrollment packet electronically and save the completed document to your device.
    3. Email your completed enrollment packet to as an attachment. Please include the student’s name, grade level, and address in the email.

    Step 5: Complete a Choice Transfer Request

    If you live outside of the Kent School District boundary, complete an OSPI Choice Transfer Request.

    This step is not required if you live within the Kent School District boundary.

    Step 6: Wait to Hear from Us

    Once your enrollment materials have been received, iGrad staff will contact you with more information regarding the start date and provide additional information.

    Step 7: Prepare Verification Documents

    When iGrad is reopened, please be prepared with one of the following documents for student identification and proof of age and parent identification (only required for students under 18 years old).

    Student Identification & Proof of Age

    • Birth certificate or
    • Passport or
    • State identification (ID) card or
    • Another form of legal identification which includes the student’s name and birthdate.

    Parent Identification

    Parent identification is only required for students who are under 18 years of age.

    • Driver’s license or
    • State identification (ID) card or
    • Another form of legal identification which includes the parent’s name and photo.

    Kent School District maintains the right to ask for additional documents if there is a concern about any document used to establish an address. See Policy and Procedure 3110 and 3110P for more information.

Last Modified on January 20, 2023