Class Officers

  • Our mission is to involve ourselves directly with the student body to create countless opportunities for students themselves to build community through sports, clubs, groups and activities and gain school spirit.

    ASB Executive Board

    • President: Moses Macip-Palacios
    • Vice President: Keira Wu
    • Secretary: Lovepreet Khokhar
    • Treasurer: Jenny Lu
    • Student Life Director: Claire Eaton

    Senior Class Officers

    • President: Leah Eshetu
    • Vice President: Kamilath Ayaba
    • Secretary: Ashley Arenas
    • Treasurer: Giftie Mbala
    • Student Life Director: Christina Flood

    Junior Class Officers

    • President: Allyssa Nguyen
    • Vice President: Monet Simpson
    • Secretary: Diego Cartagena-Hernandez
    • Treasurer: Randa Issa
    • Student Life Director: Angie Depano

    Sophomore Class Officers

    • President: Kevin Cruz-Duenas
    • Vice President: Janney Velazquez
    • Secretary: Hanifa Ahmed
    • Treasurer: Josue Perez-Pena
    • Student Life Director: Trenton Pho

    Freshman Class Officers

    • President: Ricardo Pineda Lomeli
    • Vice President: Min Alfonso
    • Secretary: Fahima Issa
    • Student Life Director: Amarionni Davis


Last Modified on October 23, 2023