New Student Enrollment Process

  • Not Enrolling New Students During the Closure

    The Kent School District will not enroll new students after March 16, 2020, while schools and offices are closed following the order of Governor Inslee.

    More information will be available after schools and offices reopen. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Enroll Students in Grades 1-12

    The following steps outline the process for enrolling new students in grades 1-12. If you are registering a kindergarten student, please find additional information on the Kindergarten Students page.

    Step 1: Find Your School

    Families must register new students at their boundary school. The KSD school boundaries map may not be accurate for all addresses.

    Please confirm your boundary school by contacting the school or KSD Transportation team at (253) 373-7442 before moving on to step two.

    Step 2: Collect Required Documents

    Student Identification and Proof of Age

    • Birth certificate or
    • Passport or
    • State identification (ID) card or
    • Another form of legal identification which includes the student’s name and birthdate

    Parent Identification

    • Driver’s license or
    • State identification (ID) card or
    • Another form of legal identification which includes the parent’s name and photo

    Proof of Address

    • Lease or purchase agreement or
    • Utility bill (cable, electricity, water, or home telephone) not more than one month old

    The district maintains the right to ask for additional documents if there is a concern about any document used to establish an address. See Policy and Procedure 3110 and 3110P for more information.

    Step 3: Complete Enrollment Forms

    Forms are available online or can be picked up at your school or the Kent School District Administration Center.

    1. Student Information and Enrollment Form
    2. Washington State Department of Health Certificate of Immunization Status
    3. Health History Form
    4. Housing Survey
    5. Race and Ethnicity Form
    6. Home Language Survey
    7. Military Service Survey
    8. Parent Questionnaire
    9. Emergency Dismissal Plan (only needed for grades K-6)

    Optional Forms

    • Eligibility Certification for Indian Education Program (as applicable)
    • Release of Student Information to Military Recruiters (high school only)
    • King County Library System Student Account Information
    • Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals
    • Student Handbook Acknowledgment

    Step 4: Complete Registration at Your School or the KSD Administration Center

    Once you have completed steps 1-3 as completely as possible, please return documentation and finish the enrollment process at your school* identified in step one.

    *Elementary and middle schools do not accept new student enrollment during the summer break.

    Learning by Choice

    The Office of the Superintendent of Public Education has developed a guide to help parents understand their child’s enrollment options in the state of Washington.

Last Modified on March 13, 2020