Kentridge Contact Information
    Main Office: 253-373-7345          East Wing Office: 253-373-4330
    Attendance: 253-373-7381          Counseling: 253-373-7349
    Registrar: 253-373-7356               Nurses Office: 253-373-4393
    Welcome to the Kentridge website. We are very proud of our website and believe that it is a valuable resource for students, parents and community members. Our site provides information about key events through the posting of our daily bulletin and parent newsletter. In addition, parents can access their student's grades in any class at anytime through the Family Access link. Furthermore, our site provides our students with valuable resources to assist them with their course of study. The link to the library page provides students numerous resources they can use from school and home. In For Families students and parents can find information about our student services programs and important scholarship resources. Parents have a special link to assist them in finding information about Kentridge as well as other parent resources.

    Mike Albrecht, Kentridge H.S. Principal