• Kent Mountain View Academy



    Kent Mountain View Academy (KMVA) is a multiple-year, Washington award-winning school, ranking among the top five percent in the State. As a decidedly small, choice school—the first of its kind in the Kent School District, KMVA provides families with an option in educating their children. Our school serves students in grades 3 – 12 through three, distinct programs to meet the needs of our students and their families.


    The staff at KMVA are highly qualified in their content areas, and are committed to student achievement by increasing student proficiency in literacy and numeracy, educating the whole child, and developing a positive and supportive learning environment for all students. KMVA partners with parents and community volunteers, and invites families and citizens to participate in school activities, providing an additional level of support for students.


    As a choice school, students hold themselves accountable to high levels of attendance, academic progress, and citizenship. Regardless of our students’ educational backgrounds, their achievement, as evidenced on state and district assessments, is a testament to our KMVA learner-focused culture.


    Students describe our school as safe, supportive, inclusive and friendly. We embrace our motto, Small School – Big Heart, as the cornerstone of our KMVA learning community.




    The Choice Program: Provides an innovative educational option for students who are seeking strong academics in a small school, family-friendly environment. Students and their siblings can attend school on one campus for the duration of their elementary (grades 3 – 6),middle and high school careers. The Choice Program serves 80 percent of our student population.


    Applications are accepted for both current, Kent School District students and for those outside of the district. Criteria considered for student enrollment include (but are not limited to): space availability,school attendance, student discipline record, and available support services or interventions. Priority consideration is given to current, Kent School District students and siblings of current, Kent Mountain View students. Please see the application process below for details.


    The Transition Program: Designed for current, Kent School District high school students in need of credit retrieval. The Transition Program offers motivated students the opportunity to take classes online in a classroom setting under the support and guidance of a team of educators. About 18 percent of our student population is served in this setting. If you are interested in learning more about the Transition Program,please call (253) 373-7488 to schedule an interview.


    The Link Program: Fosters an inclusive education by supporting current, Kent School District students in grades 7 – 12 who are on the autism spectrum. Students’ unique needs and talents are recognized while focusing on academic achievement in a richly-staffed environment. Candidates for the Link Program are determined through a joint effort between the Kent School District and Kent Mountain View Academy. For more information about the Link Program, please contact Kent School District Inclusive Education Services at (253) 373-7027 or the inclusive education program specialist in your student’s current school.