Promises Made Promises Kept Your Tax Dollars at Work

Promises Made Promises Kept

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    The Kent School District is grateful for continuous community support in maintaining and modernizing learning environments for more than 27,000 students across 42 schools.

    Between the 2016 Capital Improvement and School Construction Bond and the 2018 Technology and Capital Levy, your tax dollars will be used to complete more than 459 projects across the District giving all students an opportunity to achieve their potential by receiving an excellent education with access to technology in a well-maintained school.

    We are committed to being transparent about how this money is spent. The Promises Made Promises Kept website and e-newsletter are just two of the ways we will keep our families, staff, and larger community informed about the projects being completed in our schools.

    2016 Capital Improvement and School Construction Bond

    In November 2016, voters approved a $252,000,000 bond measure to build two new schools and fund projects at every school in the Kent School District reducing overcrowding, improving student safety, and enhancing school environments.

    Because the money is not available all at once, projects funded by the bond will be completed over a ten-year period as bonds are issued, sold, and repaid.

    • Build a new Covington Elementary School.
    • Build a new elementary school in the Kent valley.
    • Add 20 new classrooms across the District.
    • Build multipurpose rooms at nine elementary schools.
    • Replace fire alarm systems at nine schools.
    • Renovate outdoor athletic facilities at all middle and high schools.
    • Replace interactive displays in all classrooms.
    • Complete various projects at every school to address critical infrastructure needs, improve safety, increase energy efficiency, or upgrade spaces.

    View a complete list of projects with anticipated start dates.

    2018 Technology and Capital Levy

    In February 2018, voters approved a six-year $146,000,000 levy measure funding both technology and critical repair projects. The Technology and Capital Levy funds 307 projects necessary to maintain instructional environments supporting student success, reduces operating costs by replacing aging roofs, and provides conservation improvements.

    Separate from the projects funded by the 2016 bond measure, the projects funded by the levy will begin in 2019 and be completed over a six-year period as taxes are collected and distributed to the District each October and April.

    While a complete list of projects is available, anticipated start dates will not be available until late fall 2018. Between now and then, the priority of each project will be determined and then a tentative schedule based on cost, weather, and student schedules will be compiled.

Last Modified on April 5, 2018