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Year Long Sports Schedule
In middle school, there are four sport seasons as well as sports for boys, girls, and even boys and girls together. Some sports teams are "cut teams" which means there are only a limited number of players kept. Others accept all that are eligible.
In order to be eligible in a sport you have to have a physical, parents permission, and a ride home after practices which take place everyday after school. You must also attend practices everyday and maintain excellent school behavior. Practices, games, and meets are during the school week, and after school hours.

If you are on a sports team, it is also expected that you will take part in the school pep assembly, and all fundraisers. You must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, and be passing all classes with no grades of F. Mandatory study hall will be assigned for any student-athlete not meeting these standards. You also must behave well, and buy an ASB card.
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Boys Basketball
Girls Soccer


Girls Basketball

Co-Ed Track
Boys Soccer
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