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    2017 Teaching & Learning Technology Vision Summit Summary

    Event Pic - Table Collaboration The purpose of the Summit was to bring together the Kent School District community to help shape the future of how technology will support all aspects of education, from sun-up to sun-down, because curriculum and learning should drive the technology being used, not the other way around.  We need to assure that KSD is getting the maximum benefit for each student, from the District’s investment in technology and the support that our community has provided to make that happen.   The focus of the day was “The best way to predict the future is to be part of creating the future”.  The attendees came together to co-create a vision of how technology can and should be used to support “A Day in the Life of a 21st Century KSD Student”.
    Nearly 150 people attended the Tech Summit at Kentwood High School on Saturday, March 18, 2017. After hearing from Superintendent Calvin J. Watts, Board President Karen DeBruler, Chief Information Officer Carmen Rahm, and summit facilitator Jim Lengel, participants spent the day collaborating in small teams to sketch what the day in the life of a 21st century KSD student could look like in the not-so-distant future.  Each team's student representative presented the ideas for using technology to improve learning through communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

    Event Pic - Table Collaboration Event Pic - Table Collaboration Event Pic - Table Collaboration

    “I'm excited to see the ideas come alive. I'm thrilled to actively get involved in the creation of something relevant and instrumental in providing equity and increasing achievement in our district.” - KSD Parent

    Teaching & Learning Technology Vision Summit 2017 Recap Video

    View the ACPENW 2017 "21st Centrury Technology Visioning" Presentation to learn how your school can easily co-create a vision for 21st century student learning...and have fun while doing it!

    Developing Your School's Vision for 21st Century Technology

    Next Steps

    The Tech Summit in March was only the beginning. The District hosted three town hall meetings in late April allowing even more students, parents, teachers, and community members to share their ideas. These new ideas and the sketches created at the Tech Summit will be compiled into vision themes and shared with the community in a series of videos called “Our Vision: A Day in the Life of a 21st Century KSD Student.”  

    The District will use the video to develop a roadmap of initiatives to pursue and then execute the plan. According to Carmen Rahm, “We may be able to achieve some things quickly while others may take years. Many initiatives may happen without additional funding with a better utilization of the resources currently available. Others will require financial investments to provide 21st century learning to prepare our students for 21st century jobs in a global economy."

    At the Town Hall Meetings, attendees were asked to share how technology could assist them if they were a student, teacher, parent, principal, administrator or anyone else.  This feedback and these ideas will be combined with the Summit information, and other items to generate the District’s vision for technology in Teaching & Learning.  Idea groupings and town hall meeting comments.

    Next Steps Visioning Estimated Timeline:

    • June 2017:  complete review of all Summit and Town Hall Meeting feedback, and develop the vision themes for the “Day in the Life of a 21st Century KSD Student” video(s)
    • July-Aug  2017: create and finalize the scripts and “storyboards” for the videos for each of the vision themes.
    • September 2017:  create and release video for vision themes 1 and 2
    • October 2017:  create and release video for vision themes 3 and 4
    • November 2017:  create and release videos for vision themes 5 and 6
    • December 2017:  create and release videos for vision themes 7 and 8
    • January 2018:  create and release video for vision themes 9 and 10


    View Ideas from the Tech Summit

    Find out what a day in the life of a 21st Century KSD student looks like!  

    KSD Vision Summit Ideas

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