VIPS - Volunteers in Public Schools
  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Kent School District. Volunteers provide support and enrich the lives of students and staff at the Kent School District and their contributions are greatly valued. VIPS is for parents, families, and community members who want to assist schools with learning, activities, competitions, or events. However, it is not for the fulfillment of court-required community service or other obligations imposed for violations of the law. Volunteers can select one or many schools to support and will be required to update their application and reauthorize a background check before beginning volunteer service each school year.

    Volunteer students who are in high school, middle school, or elementary school do not use the online application process, but are required to complete a Student Volunteer Form and submit it to their principal for approval. Students who are homeschooled complete the form with the parent signing the form instead of a principal.

    Volunteer Coaches complete the application forms established by the Activities and Athletics Department, not the VIPS online application. Contact the school's athletic director or office manager for more information about how to apply to be a volunteer coach.

    Volunteers are required to complete an online application, including a background check, before beginning volunteer service. To begin the application process, each applicant will need:

    • A valid email address. If you do not currently have an email address you may obtain one by searching the internet for a free email address such as,, or
    • A valid state driver’s license, Washington State photo identification, or U.S. passport. Scan the ID or take a photo and save it to your electronic device before beginning online application. The photo must be 3MB or smaller. The application is mobile friendly and can be completed on a smart phone. If there is an issue uploading a photo to the online application, it may need to be resized smaller to be uploaded.

    Field trip drivers only need to provide a current Proof of Insurance document for those applying to be a driver on a field trip. Scan the Proof of Insurance document or take a photo (3MB or smaller) and save it to your electronic device before beginning the online application. The application is mobile friendly and can be completed on a smart phone. If there is an issue uploading a photo to the online application, it may need to be resized smaller in order to be uploaded.

    Returning volunteers for the next school year
    Volunteers do not need to create a new profile or upload a driver's license photo or other documentation, unless their license has changed since last year such as a name change. Each volunteer's profile will remain in the system. After August 15, each returning volunteer will need to log in with their user name and password (created by successfully submitting an application).

    Click the Apply button below and at the top of the Apply page find the Log In button between the Home button and Select Language drop-down menu, then proceed to log in. After logging in:

    • Agree to the volunteer expectations and complete the disclosure questions
    • Agree to a new background check
    • Update any contact information
    • Submit

    Also, an email will be sent to every volunteer in the system explaining the process at the beginning of August each year.


    VIPS Apply Now


    For questions or issues, email or call the school office.