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  • Access to Safe Online Learning Resources

    Kent School District (KSD) is committed to ensuring students have equitable access to safe online resources to support learning and growth. KSD views the use of electronic resources as central to the delivery of its educational program and strives to provide transparency to the community.

    From a virtual learning environment to in-person classes, software continues to be a base for providing teachers and students the tools that they need to teach and learn effectively. With the increased necessity and number of online tools available, we must be sure that the software and applications used by students and staff support the district’s curriculum goals and comply with student data and privacy laws.

    The Kent School District Software Library lists reviewed software that may be used by students and staff with links to the terms of service and privacy policies published by product providers. You can search for software by grade level, subject, type, and privacy status.

    Software Review Process

    Software is evaluated by a software review team before it is placed in the library. Comprised of KSD certificated and classified staff, this team reviews new requests for online services and software as part of the purchasing process. They evaluate:

    Once the Software Review Committee has completed their review, the online service or software is assigned one of the following approval statuses:

    • Approved: Approved for general use.
    • Approved for Staff: Approved for staff use only.
    • Approved for Supplemental Use: Approved for use to complement or enhance core curriculum. This type of tool serves as a building block to further increase student learning and skills.
    • Approved for Limited Use: Approved for a defined number of users.
    • Approved with Conditions: Approved with considerations taken to accommodate user's needs. This type of tool may include additional alternative resources, exclude portions of the software, and/or define usability.

    Disclaimer: Approved status does not imply that all resources are used in the classroom, nor that one resource is more effective than another; rather, this library reflects the current collection of district-reviewed online services and software. These approved resources may not be used by all teachers or staff, as the content will vary by course and subject area.

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Last Modified on December 6, 2023