Thank you for our volunteer Watch DOGS for the month of October!  

    Thank you to our 9 DOGS who volunteered this month (6 returning DOGS, and 3 new DOGS)! 

    Our Experienced DOGS:   Mr. Poch, Mr. Pritchard, Mr. Hurt, Mr. Wuth, Mr. Tucker, and Mr. Lavalleur

    Our New DOGS:  Mr. Hunt, Mr. Sandu, and Mr. Clukey

    Special shout out (Woof Woof) to Mr. Clukey for making a difference 4 Monday's in a row!

    (new) DOG: Mr. Hunt      (new) DOG: Mr. Sandu        (new) DOG: Mr. Clukey

         Father and Son                 Father and Daughter                   Father and Son