• EP WATCH D.O.G. Program Fun Facts 2017-2018

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    September Launch Pizza Night event:  35 “dads” attended, representing 56 students

    January Dads and Donuts event: 17 “dads” attended, 34 students attended.

    DOG Time: 21 of 24 registered volunteers volunteered hours, 131 visits logged (81 full day – 50 half day),
    782.5 hours of service, 6 hours on average per DOG.  Range of daily DOG visits -- Max: 26, Min: 1.

    DOG Grade Levels:  Kinder (4), G1 (4), G2 (7), G3 (8), G4 (6), G5 (5), G6 (3)

    Teachers with the most DOGS: Agrellas, Buchwald, Carter, Fenton, Whalen (all with 3 DOGS each)

    Half day DOGS vs. Whole day DOGS vs Mix of Half and Whole Day DOGS:  5:6:10

    DOGS visits by month: Sept (5) Oct (11), Nov (11), Dec (14), Jan (14), Feb (10), Mar (17), Apr (15), May (22), June (12).  Year Total: 131

    Note: All EP grade levels have 3 or more DOGS.  There are 21 classrooms with a DOG.  Of the 24 registered DOGS,
    11 serve multiple classrooms and 13 DOGS serve 1 classroom. 


    DOG Daily Evaluation Summary: 23 daily responses represent 21 DOGS

    • Rewarding Experience: Strongly Agree (20), Agree (2), Uncertain (1), Disagree (0)
    • Recommend to other “dads”: Strongly Agree (15), Agree (8), Disagree (0)
    • Signed up because: Pizza/Donuts (2), Student Asked (9), PTA/promoted (1), Served before (11)

    Favorite Activity/Experience:

    Working on math with the students (x3), working with the kindergarteners, learning about what my son is doing during school, working with the students for the toy making seminar, great/good (x4), helping with art project, singing with the kids at the music sing along assembly, soccer/soccer at recess (x2), Valentine’s Day Parties!, working with all the students (x2), watching the kids enjoy learning and helping each other, being there for a couple kids who were upset and crying (K and 4th grade) and assisting Mrs. Kam with organizing an upcoming lesson set, helping kids with their math and spelling

    I would help program by:

    Having more after hour events, volunteering more for the school, continue to engage the teachers to find ways to include the watch dogs in their agenda when possible, creating a master list for teachers with all the ways Watch DOGS can be utilized in their classrooms, keeping the teachers involved in planning on how best to use watch dogs on a last-minute update, recruiting more Watch D.O.G.S. to help