• Remote Access

    Kent School District provides student and staff the ability to connect to district resources from off-campus locations. The following options are available:

    • DirectAccess: This application provides the primary connection for KSD computers to district resources automatically through home or business internet connections. All network drives are available once connected (H:\ Drives, T:\ Drives, Internal Applications, etc.).

      Tip Tip: If you are logged onto your device and have Internet access, yet are not able to connect to your network drives, try logging off and back on again.

    • KSD Portal/Office 365: To access the KSD portal, click the KSD Email link located at the top of any KSD web page.


      This service provides staff and students the ability to access productivity tools and Microsoft Office products (Outlook, OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) anytime, anywhere. Select the link and use your KSD login information as you would while at school or in the office.

      Office 365 applications

    • Virtual Private Network (VPN): This connection is not intended to be used with Kent School District devices. The VPN connection should be used to access district resources on personal devices. This connection provides access to all network drives (H:, T:, internal applications, etc.). Once you log in using your student or staff username and password, you will be provided further links to the client install instructions and other tools.

      Log into VPN:

      VPN login

      Additional Supporting Links (once you are logged in):

      VPN support links


Last Modified on April 18, 2016