Daniel Elementary Handbook                                                                                                                                                    

    Welcome to Daniel Elementary                                                                        

    Daniel Elementary Goals                                                                                

    Acknowledgement of Receipt (signature required)                                               

    No Bullying Pledge (signature required)                                                             

    Parent Pickup Map (signature required)                                                              

    Kent School District 415 Superintendent Message                                               


    General Information                                                                               

    Daniel Elementary Staff                                                                                        

    School Hours                                                                                                    

    Yearly Calendar                                                                                               

    Notable Dates                                                                                               

    Breakfast and Lunch                                                                                         

    Attendance Policy and Procedures: Arrival & Dismissal                                    


    Daniel Policies Overview                                                                   

    Cell Phones and Electronics                                                                               



    Dress Code                                                                                                      


    Health Services                                                                                      

    Money and Personal Belongings                                                                        

    Pets at School                                                                                                 

    Field Trips & Celebrations                                                                                 



    Emergency Procedures and School Safety Patrol                                                  

    Snow Days                                                                                                       

    Weather Announcements                                                                                  

    Playground Safety                                                                                             

    Transportation Safety                                                                                 


    Activities for Students & Parent Involvement                                      

    Extracurricular Activities and Parent Involvement                                                  

    Fingerprint Policy                                                                                                                                                        


    Federal, KSD & Daniel Elementary Policies and Compacts                  

    Release of Student Directory Information                                                             

    Required Federal and State Notices List                                                              

    Title I Parent Involvement Policy                                                                        

    Daniel Elementary Student Rights and Responsibilities                                         

    Kent School District Discipline Policy                                                          

    Guidelines for School Sanctions