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Important Notice to Parents* and Students:


Truancy Is Prohibited By Law



                                Washington Law (RCW 28 A.225.010) and Kent School District Policy 3122

require parents to cause their child to attend the public school of the district in which the

child resides. Also, children eight through 17 years of age must attend school for the full

time when school is in session.  Any failure to comply with Washington’s Compulsory

School Attendance Law may subject the violator to legal sanctions, including arrest,

confinement, community service, court fines and/or attorney’s fees to be paid by legal guardian/parent(s).

                        If a student fails to attend school, the school shall notify the parent or guardian.

After two unexcused absences within any month, the school shall schedule a conference to

take steps to eliminate further truancy.  Before the fifth unexcused absence in a month the

school district shall either (1) attempt to enter into an attendance agreement with the

student and parent that establishes school attendance requirements, (2) refer the student to a community truancy board, (3) truancy intervention stay in school program to meet the needs of the students and families, or (4) file a truancy petition with the King County, Superior Court.

The Kent School District is required by law to initiate legal action if an enrolled

student has accumulated seven unexcused absences in a month or 10 unexcused absences

in a school year.  The filing of a truancy petition typically commences this action

with the King County Superior Court, Juvenile Division.

An unexcused absence means that a student has failed to attend the majority of

classes in an average school day and that the parent has not informed the school of a valid

basis for the absence within two school days after the absence.  The school may refuse to

acknowledge a parental excuse if the absenteeism was unnecessarily prolonged and

potentially harmful to the child’s academic progress.

In the event that the Kent School District initiates a truancy action in superior court, it shall disclose pertinent information from the student’s educational records to authorized court officials and attorneys.  Also, documentation of attendance violations shall be reported to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Parents have the right to inspect educational records, hire legal counsel to help with truancy petition/truancy court, seek amendment to the records in certain situations, and pursue injunctive relief to prevent disclosure of educational records.


For More Information About Washington’s Truancy law and the

Kent School District’s Absenteeism Policy, please contact


Randy Heath, Executive Director of Student and Family Services 253-373-7235

Elizabeth Gongora-Knight, Becca Attendance/McKinney-Vento Liaison

at (253) 373-7099




·         Washington’s Compulsory School Attendance Law applies to all parents of (1) children six or seven

years old who are enrolled in a public school and (2) children eight years of age through 17 years of age

regardless if enrolled in school.

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