Cancellation Policy

  • Avoid Fees by Canceling 48 Hours Ahead of Time

    If you need to cancel your event, you must notify both the building administrator at the school where the use is scheduled and the Kent School District (KSD) Athletics & Activities team at (253) 373-7613 at least 48 hours prior to the event.

    Reporting more than 48 hours ahead of time helps you avoid expenses that occur related to your scheduled facility use.

    KSD understands prior notice cannot be given on all cancellations. Without prior cancellation notice, credits may not be approved for rental, labor, or any other un-recoverable costs to the district.

    We do expect to be notified immediately (48 hours) after a failure or inability to use a facility to ensure the billing process remains accurate and timely.

    Failure to notify of a cancellation will eliminate eligibility for any credits and the applicant will be responsible for full payment as was agreed to with the original and approved facility use request.

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Last Modified on October 14, 2019