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If you are a Kentlake student with a laptop in the One-to-One Program and require technical support for your laptop, please read the following information and procedures so that we can best assist you.
Kentlake Tech Support - Room 2106
(access through the Library)
Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 10:30am
Please complete the following PRIOR to coming to the Tech Room:
  • Obtain a SWAP REQUEST FORM (bright yellow) from your teacher. (If your teacher does not have any, please ask your teacher to request some from the Tech Room.)
  • Save all your data to your H: drive.
  • Obtain a Ticket # from Customer Support by calling 253-373-7030 and pressing option 4.
  • If you will be coming to the Tech Room during one of your classes, you must also bring a hall pass in addition to your Swap Request Form.
  • If the issue with your laptop cannot be resolved, you will be issued a swap and then notified via school email when your machine is ready for pick-up.
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