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Summer Technology Update

To view past summer update videos, please click here.

Windows 10 & Office 2016

You may have noticed Windows 10 and Office 2016 were recently installed on your device. Windows 10 brings new functionality, an up-to-date operating system, touch input capability, access to the Microsoft Business Store, extended device life, more security, and a lower overall cost of ownership. We began our Windows 10 pilot last year to help all employees with efficient management of digital resources. We’ll also be bringing you new opportunities that will continually improve your user experience. For more information, visit StaffLink.
Note: In Windows 10, you must open Adobe Acrobat application once before you can display reports from Skyward. The license will automatically be accepted; all you need to do is click OK.

Microsoft Business Store

Another resource we hope will be of value to you is the Microsoft Business Store. This is a convenient place for KSD staff and students to install recommended apps without the hassle of having to set up a Microsoft account. This service allows staff and students greater flexibility and control over their systems. To browse apps, search 'Store' in Cortana and click the ‘Sign In’ icon in the upper-right. Once logged into the Store with your work or school account, the 'Kent School District' tab in the upper-left can be used to browse and install useful, District-approved Windows 10 apps.

OneDrive for Business

Another easy, but very useful tool, is OneDrive. OneDrive is available to all Kent School District staff and students. Part of Office 365, OneDrive allows you to save and access your important work or school files from any device, anytime, anywhere. Different than the H drive, which must be accessed from a Kent School District device or by using VPN, OneDrive allows quick access through any web browser. OneDrive is even seamlessly integrated into all Office programs and, now with Windows 10, your OneDrive files are synced automatically!
Note: VPN connections should be used to access network drives such as H, S, T on personal devices only.

School & Department Team Sites

Team sites are getting an upgraded homepage and new document library experience. This brings important documents and site activities to the forefront, so everyone can see them. The new responsive design for pages makes accessing content on any device easier than ever. Additionally, the SharePoint mobile app has been released to the Android and iOS app stores, allowing you to take the power of team sites on the go!

Elementary One-to-One

Kent School District’s Technology Levy promises that every elementary student will have one-to-one access by the end of 2019. The four-year distribution plan allows us to gradually move from enhanced access to a real one-to-one standard. Each year, elementary schools will receive more devices and older units will be recycled. This program supports individualized learning and instruction at the elementary level and enhances student readiness as they move into secondary.

eLearning Upgrade

Our learning management system has been upgraded from Moodle to Canvas. Canvas provides more efficient personalization of assignments, better integration with existing systems, and increased teacher support. Additionally, 'Grade Pass-Back' brings integration with the Skyward Secondary Gradebook, syncing assignments and grades entered in Canvas with Skyward. This upgrade also includes 24/7/365 customer support for our teachers, so they will always have access to guidance in using Canvas with students.

Note: As a result of the partnership with the Division of Teaching and Learning, we are expanding the scope how Canvas will be used to include Curriculum Center and professional development functionality. The launch of the District’s new learning management system will be completed during the school year to provide a single, integrated solution. We apologize for this delay!

Classroom Management Upgrade

Kent School District's classroom management system has been upgraded from DyKnow to Class Policy. Class Policy's integration with Windows 10, OneNote Class Notebooks, student information systems, and standardized testing applications make it the most flexible, powerful tool available for our teachers and students.

SMART Notebook 16

SMART Notebook has upgraded to version 16 and with the upgrade we have many new customizable features and tools.  The Lesson Activity Builder (LAB) has a new name and is now SMART Lab. You can find many more SMART Lab activities in the SMART Exchange. There are also new widgets of popular interactive gaming elements which include Clock, Timer, Spinning Wheel, Dice, and Pull Tab! These widgets allow for more customization, and many of the popular Flash gallery items will be made into similar widgets. Also, you can insert widget-based activities like GeoGebra, YouTube and others within a page right from the 'Add-on' tab.

Online Printer Installation

We also have a new printer management system that simplifies printer installation by allowing you to select an available printer from a map and install it with one click. Search 'Add printer' in Cortana to get started!

Access Control & Security Cameras

This summer marked the completion of phase two of the enhanced access control, which provides one card reader for each building in the District. By December 2016, all elementary schools are scheduled to have security cameras installed with funding from our last Bond measure. The safety of our students, staff, and community continues to be a major commitment of our district.
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