• 2010 Technology Levy: Delivering on the Promise

    “Delivering on the Promise” is the statement of commitment that guides the Kent School District’s technology programs. Throughout the years, we have continued to honor the promises made to voters when they passed the 2006 Technology Levy and again when they maintained and expanded these resources with the passage of the 2010 Technology Levy. These funds have made it possible for Kent students to continue their access to industry standard computers and associated technology for instruction.

    The Promise: Expand the One-to-One Initiative, which provides each student with a laptop and supporting equipment for use in the classroom and home.

    The Delivery: The District’s award winning One-to-One Initiative began in September of 2005 when the Kent Technology Academy opened on the Mill Creek campus. By the fall of 2009, the initiative had expanded to all middle school students. In the fall of 2013, all secondary students in grades seven through eleven had a laptop computer assigned to them to use in the classroom and at home.

    The speed at which technology changes requires that desktop computers and laptops are replaced frequently. Newer technologies allow the district Information Technology staff to reduce support cost by utilizing tools to remotely manage software deployments and updates. The 2010 Technology Levy has allowed the Kent School District to replace laptops on a four year cycle and desktops on a five year cycle for both students and teachers.

    As the district expands one grade level each year, all secondary students will have an assigned laptop by the fall of 2014. This initiative adds approximately 2400 more computers to the network yearly. The One-to-One Initiative addresses the digital divide and helps the Kent School District achieve its goal of “Successfully Preparing All Students for Their Futures”. As a result of the district’s One-to-One Initiative, as well as others by Information Technology and Instructional Technology, the Kent School District was selected as a Microsoft Innovative Schools Global Tour site. Of the 33 recipients of this award, only five are from the United States and the Kent School District is the only entire district to be honored.

    Voter support allows the district to continue to implement technology levies that provide Kent students with the resources to be successful in their 21st century careers.