• 2006 Technology Levy: Delivering on the Promise

    “Delivering on the Promise” is the statement of commitment that guides the Kent School District technology program. Throughout the years, we continue to honor the promises made to voters when they passed the 2006 Technology Levy. The funds have made it possible for Kent students to access computers and associated technology for instruction.
    Preparing students for future success means making technology an integral part of a K-12 education. Levy funds provide support to help district students realize the potential of a technology enriched education. Below, you will find the original promises made for the 2006 Technology Levy and what has been delivered thus far. These projects are focused on helping students achieve 21st Century skill sets such as digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication, and high productivity.

    Presentation Stations for Every Classroom
    The Promise: Provide every classroom with a presentation station that contains a multimedia projector, a document camera, a DVD player, and a SMART Board. These presentation stations are designed to increase student engagement and performance in classroom activities by allowing for more flexible and interactive instruction.
    The Delivery: In June of 2006, the Kent School District began installing presentation stations at Kentlake High School and Meadow Ridge Elementary. By the summer of 2007, all middle and high school classrooms were equipped with these stations. By August of 2009, all classrooms in the Kent School District were equipped with this interactive technology.
    Technology Refresh - Replacing Outdated Student Computers
    The Promise: Maintain a five-year instructional computer replacement cycle to provide KSD students with reliable and updated computers.
    The Delivery: The Kent School District has been working on an annual basis since the passage of the 2006 Technology Levy to honor this promise. Starting in the summer of 2006, 1812 computers were replaced and updated throughout the district. The following year, an additional 1116 computers were replaced. In 2009, 1080 computers were replaced and 1985 laptops added. This consistent replacement and upgrade schedule ensures that computers in every classroom throughout the Kent School District continue to be supportable and reliable for student use. The Kent School District also takes advantage of this project to help give students hands-on experience by employing students during the summer to help replace and upgrade technology throughout the District.
    To find out more about the Kent School District’s student leadership program or student internship opportunities please visit: http://www.ksdstep.org
    One-to-One Initiative
    The Promise: Expand the One-to-One Initiative, which provides each student with a laptop and supporting equipment for use in the classroom and home.
    The Delivery: The District’s award winning One-to-One Initiative began in September of 2005 when the Kent Technology Academy was opened on the Mill Creek campus. In the fall of 2009, the initiative had expanded to all middle school 7th and 8th graders. Each student is assigned a laptop computer. The students use their laptops for class work, research, and homework. As a result, their learning environment has expanded beyond the walls of their classrooms. The Technology Academy has expanded to include students at the Kent-Meridian Technology Academy in grades 9th to 11th.
    For more information regarding this initiative, please visit: https://www.kent.k12.wa.us/onetoone
    Teacher Laptops - Replacing Outdated Teacher Computers

    The Promise: Replace outdated teacher workstations with laptops to increase teachers’ instructional mobility, flexibility, and integration with new interactive classroom technologies.
    The Delivery: In 2008, all middle school teacher work stations were replaced by laptops. In 2009, all high school teacher workstations were replaced with laptops. By spring of 2010, all elementary school teacher workstations will be replaced with laptops.
    The Kent School District realizes that it takes a community to educate our children. We intend to continue Delivering on the Promise we made to you: our voters, supporters, and partners.  By passing the 2006 Technology Levy you have truly helped provide a 21st century education for our 21st century students.