Child Find Screenings

  • Free Screenings for Children 3-5 Years of Age

    The Kent School District is looking for children who may potentially qualify for enrollment in our Early Childhood Inclusive Education Program.

    Child Find Screenings identify children ages 3 to 5 (as of August 31) within our community who may have a disability and be in need of special services.

    Children will be screened in the areas of:

    • speech and language
    • vision
    • hearing
    • learning
    • motor development.

    Those found with conditions that interfere with their educational development will receive inclusive education services through the Kent School District.

    Schedule a Screening

    Please call (253) 373-7513 to schedule a free Child Find screening.

    • At least one parent must accompany the child to the screening.
    • Screenings last approximately 60-90 minutes.
    • Screenings are conducted by certificated staff.

    Screenings are available at various schools on specific dates throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

    Screenings for Children Under 3 Years of Age

    For children under the age of three, parents may call Community Health Access Program (C.H.A.P.) at (206) 284-0031 or 1-800-756-KIDS to schedule an appointment.

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Last Modified on September 27, 2021