Frequently Asked Volunteer Questions

  • Who is a volunteer?

  • I have never volunteered in a KSD school. How do I apply?

  • I have volunteered in a KSD school before and completed a VIPS application. How do I renew my volunteer status for a new school year?

  • How long does it take to be approved?

  • Who do I contact with questions about the background check or approval process?

  • Will I receive an approval email or an application review email? What if I don't?

  • Can I volunteer if I do not have Washington State or U.S. ID?

  • Can I fill out a paper volunteer form?

VIPS Tech Support Questions

  • What if I need support, technical or other?

  • What if I have a hyphen or other special character in my name?

  • What does alias name mean?

  • What do I do if the photo of my ID, proof of vaccination, or insurance card will not upload?

  • Why can't I submit my application?

Last Modified on December 21, 2023