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Compulsory Attendance Law

Parents of any child eight years of age and under eighteen years of age will cause such child to
attend school and the child will have the responsibility to attend for the full time when school
may be in session, unless the child is enrolled in an approved private school or is receiving
home-based instruction. If a parent enrolls a child who is six or seven years old in a public
school, the child is then required to attend and that parent has the responsibility to ensure that
the child attends school while it is in session.

Exceptions may be granted by the superintendent for children who are fifteen years of age or older
if the child has the following circumstances:

•      The student is physically or mentally unable to attend school:
•      The student is attending a residential school operated by the Department of Social and
Health Services;
•      The student’s parents have requested a temporary absence for purposes agreed to by the
district and which will not cause a serious adverse effect on the student’s educational process;
•      Upon approval by the student’s parent for a reason of faith or conscience, or an organized
activity conducted under the auspices of a religious denomination, church, or religious
organization for up to two days per school year without any penalty;
•      The student is sixteen years of age, regularly and lawfully employed and either has parent
permission or is emancipated pursuant to
R.C.W. 13.64;
•      The student has met graduation requirements;
•      The student has received a certificate of educational competence (GED).

Any law enforcement officer authorized to make arrests can take a truant child into custody without
a warrant and must then deliver the child to the parent or to the school.

The district will not require enrollment in coursework which exceeds the enrollment time necessary
for a student to meet established course, credit and test requirements for high school graduation.

Excessive absences could result in violation of the State’s Truancy Law RCW 28A.228.020. Students
deemed truant will be referred to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Absences will be marked excused when cleared by a parent/guardian phone call (253-373-7381), email,
fax, written note with a signature, or an office visit within twenty-four hours of a student’s
absence. If parent or guardian excuses are received past the 24 hour limit, a code of “NC” will be
posted to the student’s attendance record and teachers will not be required to assign or accept
make up work from that student for the day in question.

The only legal reasons for an absence from school are illness, medical/dental appointments or
observance of religious holidays. Make-up work will be provided by teachers for excused absences at
the request of the student or parent/guardian. The student will be afforded credit for make-up of
any class work missed.

A student is considered truant from school or class if s/he is absent without the knowledge and
consent of the parent or guardian and/or when s/he
leaves class or campus without proper authorization. Truancy is in violation of state law.
Truancies are reported to the Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction on a monthly
Violators are subject to disciplinary action. Furthermore:
•      Truant students will be assigned detention.  Violators will be referred to an Assistant
Principal or designee for discipline.
•      First Truancy—Two hours of detention for each period truant.
•      Repeated truancies are deemed defiance of school authority and failure to respond to a
reasonable request and, therefore, subject to suspension.
• Students who are habitually truant will be suspended or expelled from school. In such cases a
parent/guardian is notified of continued truancies, and a conference will be held with the
Assistant Principal prior to disciplinary action.
•      Students who are truant more than three periods in one day shall fall under the Becca Bill

Under the guidelines of Senate Bill 5439 (commonly referred to as the BECCA Bill), Kent School
District is required to track and report truancies. An
additional requirement of the law is that the school district files a petition in juvenile court
for any student who has seven unexcused absences in a month or ten unexcused absences in a school

Students who have been absent from school must check into the Attendance Office upon their return.
Students will not be readmitted to first period
class without an admit slip. To obtain an admit slip to first period or any period missed, students
should follow these guidelines:
 •       Ask parent/guardian to call the school or send a written note, e-mail, or fax on the day
of the absence or within 24 hours of the absence that includes the following information: student’s
name, today’s date, dates of absence, specific reason for absence, and in the case of a written
note, the parent/guardian signature.
 •       When the student returns, s/he is to check in at the Attendance Office for an admit slip
to be presented to the teacher of the first period missed.
If the absence remains unresolved for over 24 hours, the absence will be considered truancy and
teachers will not accept work for those absences….


Throughout the school year there may be unavoidable occasions that a student may have to leave
early from school. We hope that parents will try to schedule doctor, dentist, and other important
appointments before or after school. If a student needs to leave Kentridge early during school
hours, we ask that the parent and student follow the following procedures:
•      Student must bring a parent/guardian note, phone call, email, or fax to the attendance
office to get an Early Dismissal Pass BEFORE leaving campus.
•      Student and parent will agree ahead of time where to meet for pickup.
•      Student will show the Early Dismissal (ED) pass to teacher at the beginning of the period
that s/he will be leaving early.
•      Student leaves at the time stated on the pass and meets the parent at the prearranged
meeting place.

LWOP (Leaving without a pass)
Students violating the Early Dismissal procedure by leaving campus without first obtaining a pass
may be referred to an Administrator for discipline.

Pre-planned absences of less than 20 days require only parental permission by way of a phone call,
fax, email, or written note explaining the reason for
the absence and the dates involved. Students are responsible for completing all assigned coursework
from their absence. For pre-planned absences extending to or beyond 20 days, students and/or
parent/guardians are required an appointment with an Administrator prior to the absences occurring.
A student with 20 or more consecutive days of absences may be withdrawn.

Good attendance is important to school success. WAC 180-40-235 and RCW 28A 600.030 establishes the
responsibility for attendance at school as resting primarily with students. However,
parents/guardians and the school share the responsibility for prompting and encouraging positive
attendance habits in students. Therefore, the following policies and procedures are designed to
help students develop and practice responsible attendance habits and increase their potential for
academic and employment success.


Attendance will be taken by the teacher each period of each class.  An absence is defined as
missing more than ten minutes of a class.
•      For each absence in a class, the Attendance Office via the “auto dialer” will call home.
•      Monthly attendance letters are sent to parents for students with 3 or more unexcused

Students arriving after 7:45am should go directly to the attendance office BEFORE going to class in
order to receive an Admit slip to class and have
their arrival time documented.

Students are expected to be in class on time and will be disciplined by the teacher and/or
administrator for excessive tardiness. Excessive tardies will be cause for corrective discipline
sanctions up to and including long-term suspension. Students arriving after 7:45 AM will be
considered absent and must report to the Attendance Office to either submit a parent note or call
the parent to clear the absence. An Admit Slip will be issued to the student indicating whether the
absence has been excused or unexcused. Students who arrive more than ten minutes late without a
note from a staff member or Attendance will be considered truant for that class.

1st Tardy     The teacher will review expectation with the student.
2nd Tardy    The teacher will assign 1 hour detention.
3rd Tardy    The teacher will assign 2 hours detention.
4th Tardy     Referral to the administration, will assign minimum of Wednesday School.

At the fourth and for each subsequent tardy to class, the student will be referred to the Assistant
Principal for corrective discipline and/or suspension from class.

Except in medical emergencies, no student may report to the Nurse’s Office without a note from the
teacher. Beds in the Nurse’s Office are reserved
for emergencies and students with routine complaints will be returned to class. If a student is too
ill to remain in class, every effort will be made to contact the parent and send him/her home.
Students who know they are ill in the morning should remain at home. Parent contact must be made at
the Nurse’s Office (In the event the Nurse’s Office is closed, the student should check out through
the Attendance Office). No student may leave campus for illness without checking out through the
Nurse’s Office or Attendance Office. Failure to do so may result in truancy.

Any student participating in an activity shall be expected to attend a minimum of 4 classes on the
day of the scheduled activity. Failure to comply with
the attendance regulations will result in a student being declared ineligible and not allowed to
participate in the next scheduled activity. An exception may be made when a coach or advisor makes
specific arrangements for an individual case with the approval of the administration.


If a student is confined to home or hospital and able to do school work, the arrangement for
home/hospital service may be made by contacting your
counselor at (253) 373-7349
Students who are eighteen years old may write their own notes only if they meet the following
hardship conditions:
•      The eighteen-year-old student lives on his/her own.
•      The parent(s) of the eighteen-year-old are not able to write a note for the student
(handicapped, limited English, frequently travels abroad). Students who are 18 years old and
believe they meet these criteria need to apply for this privilege by obtaining an Attendance
contract from the
Attendance Office.  This contract must be signed by the parent/guardian.  The student then needs to
contact his or her administrator for approval.
A copy of this contract will be kept in the student’s attendance file if approved.

Kentridge reserves the right to revoke an eighteen-year-old’s note writing privilege if the
contract is not followed and/or the student is making inappropriate decisions around school
attendance. If this occurs, the parent or legal guardian is expected to resume responsibility for
excusing the student’s absences.

Students should plan to arrive on campus and stay on campus in the buildings and courtyards during
the school day.
Students are not to linger or smoke before, during or after school in the following areas: along
roads, street corners, neighborhood yards, parking lots, athletic fields, woods, or any area
visible from the campus.  Failure to cooperate and support the good neighbor policy will result in
school discipline
and/or a citation from the King County or the Kent Police.


Juniors and Seniors may apply for Junior/Senior Responsibility each semester through the Activities
Office.  Approval will be granted if they:
•      Have maintained a cumulative “C” (2.00) average through the second semester.
•      Have no record of major disciplinary infractions the previous semester prior to the
•      Have attained 11 or more high school credits (grades 9-12) at the end of the second

Kentridge is a closed campus. Students may not leave school grounds once they have arrived (even
before first period) without permission. Permission
to leave is granted only by an administrator or the school nurse or by parent permission.

Students who have been absent should not be on campus unless they have checked into the Attendance
Office. If a student has written or telephoned permission to leave, the Attendance Office must be
informed prior to the student leaving, and the student must obtain an Early Dismissal Pass to show
their teachers. With the exception of juniors and seniors on the Junior/Senior Responsibility list,
students are not allowed to leave campus during lunch. For safety reasons, the areas off limits to
students during the day include the parking lots, all playing fields, and surrounding grounds.
Students violating this regulation may be referred to an administrator for discipline which may
include suspension from school.
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