Special Education Contacts


Audiologist 253-373-7096
Program Specialist, Early Childhood Special Education / ChildFind 253-373-7132
Administrative Assistant at The Outreach Program (TOP) 253-373-4080
Assistant Director, Quality Assurance, Professional Development 253-373-7027
Intervention Team Assistant, KL Strand Email Only
Assistant Director, KL & KM Strands, ASC Program 253-373-7027
Administrative Assistant, Data Team 253-373-7153
Administrative Assistant supporting Assistant Directors 253-373-7027
Vision Specialist 206-637-9717
Administrative Assistant / Department Receptionist 253-373-7513
Intervention Team Assistant, KW Strand Email Only
ESA Coach/School Psychologist 253-373-7541
Budget and Staffing Specialist 253-373-7246
Administrative Assistant, Data Team 253-373-7568
Intervention Team Assistant, KR Strand Email Only
Assistive Technology/SLP 253-373-7028
Assistant Director, KR & KW Strands 253-373-7027
Program Specialist, KM Strand 253-373-7906
Program Specialist, KW Strand 253-373-7502
Assistive Technology/OT/LR 253-373-7430
Compliance Specialist 253-373-7237
Executive Director, Inclusive Education 253-373-7610
Program Specialist, KL Strand 253-373-7156
Administrative Assistant, Data Team 253-373-7531
Program Specialist, BCBA Support 253-373-7126
Program Specialist, ASC Support 253-373-7094
Intervention Team Assistant, KW Strand, ASL email only
Transition Coordinator; The Outreach Program (TOP) Administrator 253-373-4080
Executive Assistant 253-373-7610
Intervention Team Assistant, KM Strand Email only