• Staff and Student Training

    one-to-one Teacher collaboration has been identified as the most effective professional development model associated with strong One-to-One programs.  Student laptop programs benefit from professional development that supports teachers in learning by doing.  The components included in this professional development series provide content to assist teachers in constructing personal knowledge, technical skills, and student learning experiences to promote positive student outcomes.  Schools can use components from this series to assemble a training program tailored to their unique needs.

    Kent School District has adopted Common Sense Media as its curriculum to teach digital literacy and citizenship. Educator resources are available through the website, as well as an online professional development course.


     Building an instructional framework through building-based work sessions lasting under an hour.
    • One-to-One Overview
    • Electronic Resource Policy & Acceptable Use Procedures
    • Using Technology Safely
    • Technology Choices
    • Laptop Care
    • Outlook for Students
    • Designing One-to-One Pedagogy Statements
    • One-to-One Expectations
    • One-to-One Lesson Design
    • One-to-One Management and Routines
    • One-to-One Classroom Protocols
    • One-to-One Room Arrangements
    • One-to-One Teaching Models
    • One-to-One Instructional Setting
    • One-to-One Student Indicators

    Tech Talks

    Providing specific, brief skill-building experiences in one hour sessions led via Skype for Business.
    • DyKnow
    • OneNote
    • eLearning
    • SWIFT
    • SMART Notebook
    • Office in the Classroom
    • Instructional Technology Tools (by content area and grade level)


    Offering in-depth learning opportunities in ten-hour classes for clock hours or credit.
    • One-to-One Best Practices
    • eLearning Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced
    • Teaching and Learning in the e-Classroom
    • eLearning Explore Level I, II, or III
    • Office in the Classroom
    • OneNote in the Classroom
    • Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works
    EDGE Institute

    Each summer, the Technology Integration team hosts a conference that includes current, relevant training in technology tools in education. This conference is open to all KSD staff members. More details can be found on the EDGE Institute website.  


    Students are led through district-adopted learning activities that teach digital citizenship with their teachers beginning in kindergarten. Seventh grade students and students new to One-to-One are asked to complete a menu of training videos and activities that review proper care of the laptop, technology choices, troubleshooting, productivity, and acceptable use.