• Distribution and Collection

    Collection and Distribution Timelines

    Laptops are distributed annually within the first two weeks of school. Laptops remain with the students until they are collected in June. Specific dates differ by school.Check with the school’s main office for the distribution or collection times for that building.

    Each fall, Kent School District’s secondary schools work in conjunction with the IT department to deploy laptops to each student in the One-to-One Laptop Initiative. In the fall of 2016, over 15,000 laptops were distributed over the course of just a few weeks.

    School staff members set up a sequence of work stations in which students pick up their laptops, label each component with barcodes and name labels, place the laptop in its case, and login. Finally, the student checks out the package through the library system before heading back to class. Using this process, a deployment staff can ensure that every student receives his or her laptop by the end of one school day.

    KSD views laptops as a part of the instructional tool set for each student in the One-to-One laptop initiative. This means that each student is automatically issued the laptop package (which includes a laptop, case, and power supply) just as a student is automatically assigned a locker or textbook to use for the duration of the school year. While taking the laptop home each day is considered optional, many students find it more convenient to do so because their school work, links to resources, software, and applicable tools are all readily available wherever they are. Students and parents agree to the guidelines set forth in the Student/Family Laptop Agreement form before taking their laptops home. Students are given instruction in Internet safety, cyber bullying, digital citizenship, and acceptable use from within their classrooms all year long.

    In June, the time comes to collect the laptops back from the students and begin the intensive process of getting ready for the following school year. During the summer, IT interns and staff members work hard to ensure that every laptop has been checked and ready to reissue.

    Students bring their laptops, cases, and power supplies (chargers) to the school on the scheduled date for collection. Non-returning students, currently our eighth graders, remove stickers and name labels from their components before checking it back in. These students also clean out their cases and wipe down their laptops, since these items will be reissued to another student in the fall. Each student’s laptop, case, and power supply is checked for damages. Damages that are unintentional and covered by our warranty repair process are collected and are repaired over the summer. Other damages or missing equipment may incur a replacement fee. These fees are included in the Student Manual for reference. Returning students’ laptops are placed carefully on carts by last name, since students are reissued the same equipment in the fall. This entire process is completed in one school day.