• Kent Technology Academy

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



    1. Why choose the Academy?
    Preparing students for success in tomorrow’s world though a challenging academic program is the major focus of the Tech Academy. By implementing a 21st Century curriculum within a relevant and rigorous instructional program, students will acquire the skills they need to be both academically prepared and work-force ready.
    The Technology Academy staff believes learning should not be confined to classrooms and textbooks. Learning needs to expand beyond the classroom walls and reach all corners of the globe.
    • Academy students are members of a small learning community
    • Academy curriculum is aligned with state and district standards and integrated across subject areas encouraging students to see connections
    • Technology tools are used extensively throughout the curriculum
    • Students engage in project-based and constructivist learning grounded in real world applications
    • Students are challenged with problems that develop student knowledge and skills while requiring them to be creative and innovative
    • Assessments are performance based. Students create digital portfolios of their work.
    • An advisory program ensures students have a caring adult who will know them well, guide their progress and ensure their success.
    This small learning community ensures students have a caring adult who will know them well, guide their progress, and ensure their success.   

    2. How is technology used?
    Meeting the challenges of the future will require creative and innovative workers that have mastered the use of a variety of technology tools. The Kent Technology Academies offers students unique experiences and opportunities using this technology to enrich their learning.
    Students have access to all of their work and assignments through the Moodle learning management system. No longer can the dog 'eat the homework' because most of the student work is completed digitally. Email and calendaring programs help with organization. Note taking is done in a digital notebook.
    Laptop computers, interactive white boards, digital cameras, computer programming software, video production equipment, digital microscopes, scientific probeware, robotics, and other emerging technologies enhance the learning process and create a highly motivating atmosphere for students.
    Students will also use technology for desktop publishing, digital imaging, video production, animation, and exploration of digital music. All projects will allow students to develop and apply complex thinking skills in real world context.
    Technology provides students many new ways to manage workflow and project progress. Learning to work with others on projects is skill that is in high demand outside of the school setting. In Tech Academy classrooms, students are encouraged and often required to work with others as they use the technology to complete assignments. Students helping students and students helping teachers are part of the program.

    3. Who is eligible?
    Students currently residing within the Kent School District boundaries that will be in grades seven and eight the following school year are eligible to apply to the Kent Technology Academy. Students in higher grades may apply for the Kent-Meridian Technology Academy.

    4. How are students selected?
    A student entry lottery will be held to determine student selection. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings, students will be placed on a waiting list. All students will be notified by email or mail of acceptance into the program. Once selected, students commit to the program for the full school year.