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PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association.  The PTA is parents and teachers working together to support our school. East Hill PTA is part of the Kent Area Council PTA, Washington State PTA as well as the National PTA.

What does East Hill PTA do or support?









 What PTA Membership is?

 Support for the students and staff at East Hill

 It is our legislative voice all the way to the White House!

 Helps provide funds for activities and supplies both inside and outside the classroom

 Fosters participation in school and community events

 Gives you a voice and vote on PTA’s goals, activities, and events


What PTA Membership is Not!

 A requirement to volunteer. While it is always appreciated a PTA membership does not obligate you to volunteer hours.

 A clique or elite group. We are parents just like you trying to make the best education experience for our children.


Who Can Join East Hill PTA?

Anyone and EVERYONE--Parents, relatives, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, administration—even local businesses! Our goal is 100% PTA membership which means one PTA member for each and every child.


Business Information

East Hill PTA’s Vision, Mission & Goals

East Hill's Execitive Committee


East Hill PTA Membership Form 

Reimbursement Request Form


Award Information

East Hill PTA Individual Awards

East Hill PTA’s Unit Awards


Fundraising Opportunities

Fred Meyer Rewards

Box Tops


Advocacy Information


Art Docent Program






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