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From the Principal’s desk…


At our recent welcome back barbecue last Friday, parents commented on the East Hill T-shirts that said “We’re all in.” This simple statement came to me last year after listening to teachers, paraeducators, office staff, custodians and parents. As I looked for themes from my notes of these sessions, I kept thinking: “man, these folks are all in for East Hill.” To me, this phrase has multiple meanings. It is about commitment; all of our chips are pushed in to the center of the table for our students. It is about inclusion; everyone is inside, no one is left out of the community. These four words also echo our district mission “Successfully preparing all students for their futures.”

Mission Statements, slogans and mantras can be powerful, but they do not get the dirty work done. We have much to do at East Hill to live up to the promise that we are successfully preparing students. We must hold every student to high expectations, believe they can achieve and give them the support they need. We must have all of our students reading at grade level by the end of third grade, so they can transition from learning to read to reading to learn. We must create positive, culturally responsive classroom cultures with high levels of care for every student. We must have clear school-wide routines and behavior expectations so that all students and staff feel emotionally and physically safe. We must create powerful, engaging, challenging lessons that are just right for every learner. We must be there for one another in this difficult work, parents and teachers creating a partnership in support of our students’ futures. 

At East Hill, we have assembled a team that embraces these challenges. We are all in. I look forward to communicating details of our efforts in future newsletters and conversation. In the interim, please visit the school, see what is happening in classrooms go see Joan Johnson in our parent engagement center (the PERC). We need your feedback to continuously improve.

Welcome back!


Yours Truly, 

Dr. Brian Patrick, Principal


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