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  • Cost to Taxpayers2024 Levy Tax Rate Graphic

    The district is committed to full transparency about the costs of the proposed April Capital Projects & Technology Replacement Levy. Several charts and graphs are provided to help understand the projected impacts. 

    Because the district failed both a bond and a capital levy last year, KSD taxes will be lower in calendar year 2024. As a result, an approved levy would mean taxes would increase in CY 2025. The intent of the April ballot measure is to “rebound” the overall taxing authority of the district back to previous levels, with an inflation-based increase going forward in 2025, 2026 and 2027.

    For example, using 2023 as the first year of comparison, the district’s overall taxing authority would increase by an average of 3.75% over the 4 years (15% total). The year-by-year increases and the associated tax rate impacts are shown in the graphs in the 2024 Levy presentation to the Board.

    If the Capital Projects & Technology Replacement Levy is approved, we would expect the average homeowner to see an increase in their tax bill in years two and three of the levy of about $100. The Capital Projects and Technology Replacement Levy would account for about 1/3 of that increase (about $34). The year one increase would be more substantial because of the previous levy failures; the “rebound” would be about $384.

    • Levy year 2025, rate per $1,000 is $1.36, levy amount is $60,900,000 
    • Levy year 2026, rate per $1,000 is $1.36, levy amount is $63,400,000 
    • Levy year 2027, rate per $1,000 is $1.36, levy amount is $65,900,000 

    It is important to note the district levies a dollar amount, not a rate. So if your property values increase or decrease, the amount the district can collect remains the same.

    To help voters understand the impact of tax measures on their property tax rate, as well as their final tax bill, King County has developed the Tax Transparency Tool, which:

    • Calculates the estimated cost of property tax measures for each piece of property within the taxing district proposing the tax measure.  
    • Voters can look up the properties they own. 
    • Includes a link to the King County Elections website where voters can review the language of the ballot measures

    2024 Capital Projects Projected Costs

    $154,200,000 over three years

    • 77% Replacements & Improvements
    • 11% Health & Safety
    • 7% Contingency Funds
    • 5% Administrative Costs

    2024 Technology Projected Costs

    $36,000,000 over three years

    • 57% District Devices (laptops & tablets)
    • 26%Technology Infrastructure
    • 9% Technology Subscriptions
    • 4% Professional Learning 
    • 3% Administrative Costs


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Last Modified on April 5, 2024