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  • Cost to Taxpayers

    The proposed taxing authority in this proposal is inflation-based. The total taxes collected by KSD (dollar amount, not tax rate) is projected to increase by 2.6% in 2024. Over the four years of the proposed levy, the tax amount is projected to increase an average of about 3.5% per year. This is consistent with major inflationary indicators. 

    We can say that the maximum KSD can collect as a result of this levy and all existing levies would not grow more than 2.6%, not to exceed the total dollar value authorized by the measure. This is true regardless of what happens with property values in the community because voters ultimately authorize a taxing amount, not a tax rate, on school levies. 

    The district has made an extra effort to post several transparent and detailed tax tables and charts which can be reviewed on the 2023 Levy PowerPoint Presentation (PDF).  You can also contact the district at if you have more detailed questions. 

    The district cannot make projections about an individual property owner’s tax bill or property assessment. However, total tax collections for KSD are projected to go up less than 3% in 2024 as a result of this levy.  

    The EP&O makes up approximately 15% of our general fund revenue. This includes over $40,000,000 in unfunded salary costs not covered by the state’s staffing formulas. The levy supports over 190 staff FTE (full-time equivalent) employees, including classroom teachers.  

    The capital fund balance used for critical health and safety, repairs and improvements, modernization, and new school buildings is almost fully funded by local levy dollars. Our capital fund balance is made up of 42% capital bonds, 53% capital levies, and 4% state and matching funds. 

    • Kent School District spends an average of $17,749.77 per student. (per year) 
    • A stable tax collection for our community that also addresses the educational needs of our students was a primary goal of planning the levies for the November 7, 2023, election.  
    • Overall combined school levy tax rate is expected to stay flat or decline slightly. 
    • For the full-term of the levies, property taxes are estimated to increase on average by 3.5% per year, consistent with inflation. 

    Educational Programs & Operations Levy

    • Levy year 2025, rate per $1,000 is $1.72, levy amount is $79,300,000 
    • Levy year 2026, rate per $1,000 is $1.72, levy amount is $82,300,000 
    • Levy year 2027, rate per $1,000 is $1.72, levy amount is $85,800,000

    Technology & Capital Levy

    • Levy year 2024, rate per $1,000 is $0.66, levy amount is $29,200,000 
    • Levy year 2025, rate per $1,000 is $1.32, levy amount is $60,900,000 
    • Levy year 2026, rate per $1,000 is $1.32, levy amount is $63,400,000 
    • Levy year 2027, rate per $1,000 is $1.32, levy amount is $65,900,000 

    Home Value Example 

    The local school district portion of property taxes of a home valued at $500,000 would be approximately $1,832, which would increase by about $62 or 3.5% from 2023. 

    Note: KSD tax estimates are aggregate projections based on estimates of future growth in property values and other factors. Tax bills for individual property owners will vary based on a variety of factors, including home improvements, area new construction, future fluctuation in values, and other factors. 

    To help voters understand the impact of tax measures on their property tax rate, as well as their final tax bill, King County has developed some helpful resources.   

    • Calculates the estimated cost of property tax measures for each piece of property within the taxing district proposing the tax measure 
    • Voters can look up the properties they own. 
    • Includes a link to the King County Elections website where voters can review the language of the ballot measures. 

    For additional details, view the 2023 KSD Levy PowerPoint presentation.


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Last Modified on November 2, 2023