English Language Development and the WIDA Standards Framework

  • English Language Development (ELD) is:

    • The explicit and systematic teaching of 
      • English language Structures, Vocabulary, and Functions
    • Necessary for social and academic language proficiency
    • A comprehensive and integrated approach to language development that is designed to support the academic success of multilingual learners

    Integrated & Designated ELD

    Integrated ELD (often co-teaching)

    • Within content instruction to unpack academic language
    • Within all core instruction and consistently embedded 
    • Essential for multilingual learners, will benefit all students 
    • Often focuses on content specific vocabulary and language functions
    • Includes instructional strategies to support successful engagement with content learning

    Designated (often small group)

    • Designed, focused and directed towards individual or small group by language proficiency levels within the classroom
    • Targeted academic language addresses ELD goals
    • It is aligned to grade level content by explicitly teaching the academic language functions and structures that students need to successfully demonstrate knowledge of classroom content

    WIDA ELD Standards Framework

    • Adopted by Washington State in 2022 to be implemented in all public schools
    • Ensures that eligible MLs have equal access to learning in all contexts
    • It is the MLE ELD curricular resource that supports teachers use to align the ELD standards, language expectations, and demands with all content learning
    • It is imperative for multilingual learner's successful school experience in WA state for all ELD staff and core content teachers to become familiar with these standards
    • Collaborative instructional practices are a crucial factor in MTSS framework as well as supporting the progress of students who are multilingual
      • Co-teaching, Co-planning, Co-reflection, Co-assessment

    What Makes WIDA a Different ELD Framework to Effectively Integrate Language and Content Learning?



Last Modified on August 11, 2023