Minecraft Challenge Videos middle school voting round

Middle School Transition: Minecraft Inclusive Schools Challenge

  • We are inviting all our 5th grade students to participate in the Minecraft Inclusive Schools Challenge.  Using Minecraft, students will design a change or addition to their future middle school and demonstrate how their innovation will make it a more inclusive space for all students.

How it Works

  • Students will…(in teams or individually)

    • Select a challenge topic or propose their own
    • Build their solution in Minecraft Education
    • Submit a Flip video demonstrating the design 

Challenge Topics

  • Social Belonging & Acceptance Classroom
    E.g., wall art, furniture setup
  • Innovation spaces Library
    E.g., Maker space
  • Community spaces Indoor/outdoor spaces
    E.g., Murals, gardens
  • Improving accessibility Cafeteria, stage, or gym
    E.g., Table spacing

Important Dates

    • February 26: Updated Challenge website goes live
    • February 26 - April 18: Challenge window
    • April 26: First round of video evaluations - Elementary submission winners determined (2 per school)
    • May 8: Second round of video evaluations - Middle schools will determine the winning submission
    • May 22: School Board meeting - Celebration of all entries, including top entries

Past Winners

Last Modified on June 12, 2024