Enrollment Process

  • Kent Virtual Enrollment Capacity and Process

    Students who wish to enroll throughout the school year will be considered during the traditional 9-week and semester transition to ensure proper transfer of credits from existing schools and prioritize credit accrual and on-time graduation for students.

    All students who wish to enroll with us must complete an application with an essay and an orientation with the virtual school (see below). At this time, space is not limited by grade level. If that changes or if a waitlist is needed, students who reside in the Kent School District boundary will be prioritized for enrollment.

    Students who wish to graduate on time with us should have the following minimum credits upon enrollment:

      • Grade 10: 5-6 credits
      • Grade 11: 10-12 credits
      • Grade 12: 16-18 credits

    We are currently building our credit recovery program. If your student has less than the recommended credits, please consider a more appropriate program offered in KSD for credit-challenged high school students. The credit recovery programs at each KSD High School, Kent Lab Connect, and iGrad offer eligible high school students multiple options for obtaining credits for their graduation.

Ways to get to 24 Credits for On-Time Graduation

  • Kent Virtual Academy

  • Boundary School (Kent-meridian, Kentlake, Kentridge, Kentwood)

  • Kent Laboratory Academy

  • iGrad

  • All Learners Are Welcome

    All students are welcome at the virtual school. If a student is served on an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), has a 504 plan, is designated HiCap, or needs English Language services, then services to support them may follow their enrollment or be offered via dual enrollment at the boundary school. Students who require significant services not offered at the virtual school will have decisions made through the IEP process as prescribed in law.

    Access to Boundary School Sports & Activities

    Students may still participate in sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities at their boundary school.  

    Cross-Enrollment Options & Services Aligned to Student Need

    Virtual school students may also attend their boundary school for select classes or services. Students who enroll with KVA (Kent Virtual Academy) will be considered Kent Virtual Academy students first, even when dual enrolled. Dual enrollment will be limited to 1 or 2 classes at a boundary school. We recommend dual enrollment for classes we do not currently offer, including foreign language, AP or honors courses, and hands on CTE (Career & Technical Education) (Career & Technical Education) courses like automotive.

    Please contact our counselor, Bianca Solorzano-Morales for more information on the potential for dual enrollment. bianca.solorzano-morales@kent.k12.wa.us  

    Apply to attend Kent Virtual Academy Fall 2024-2025

    Step 1: Submit an Interest Form 

    Quarter 1 application window (starts May 1, 2024): 

      • May 1, 2024-August 2, 2024 (enrollment closes at 3:00PM on August 2nd)

    Accepted students must remain enrolled and attend their boundary school until their start date with Kent Virtual Academy.
    Email concerns or questions about KVA to Sydney.Wyatt@kent.k12.wa.us. A confirmation email will be sent to the parent/guardian and/or student upon receipt of the emailed interest form.  
    Please call our office Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 4:00 if you need support to complete this process.   253-373-6881 

    Step 2: Notification of Acceptance/Orientation Requirement 

    1-hour orientation will be required to complete enrollment into Kent Virtual Academy.  Students and families who do not attend will remain at their boundary school or current school of enrollment. 

Last Modified on April 30, 2024